The Forged Dvůr Králové and Zelená Hora manuscripts

PhDr. Dalibor Dobiáš, Ph.D. (Ústav pro českou literaturu)

The forged Dvůr Králové and Zelená Hora manuscripts are not only an unresolved mystery, but they were also the most published, promoted and translated Czech literary works in the period between their discovery in 1817 and their criticism by T. G. Masaryk and his colleagues in 1886. Moreover, mystifications, including such historical-style hoaxes, are to this day one of the characteristic and currently noteworthy phenomena of modern Czech culture. How has Czech society come to terms with the Manuscripts over the last two hundred years and in what ways are they present in it to this day? Are they a purely Czech historical episode, or do they have their European counterparts? And if so, what were their fates?